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Dark Mayan Copal

Dark Mayan Copal

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Dark Mayan Copal - 瑪雅古巴脂

Copal is a resin that was used as a ritual incense by pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures. When burned on charcoal, it gives off a faint citrus and pine smell. Koba was used in ancient Mayan and Aztec rituals as a ritual sacrifice to the deities.

Benefits: Enhances harmony. Purify the environment: Used to clean the space. Balances mental state and fights stress and insomnia. Helps with concentration and helps to relax. Ideal for entering a meditative state.

Corresponding part :Crown Chakra, large intestine meridian


功效: 增強和諧感。淨化環境:用於清潔空間。平衡精神狀態,對抗壓力和失眠。有助集中注意力和幫助放鬆。非常適合進入冥想狀態使用。