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Five Elements

Five Elements

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Five Elements製成的手工香,外型與一般線香有別,工匠用一顆顆乳香脂,沒藥,古巴脂,聖木脂和白鼠尾草以手搗碎製香,細看之下可以看到線香中有保留著各種香脂和香葉的型態。
清潔空氣 / 物件

每枝線香於室內大約可燃燒 90分鐘以上 ,120分鐘以內,室外約60分鐘。價格為 18元/ 枝,純手工製作。

The handmade incense Five Elements is different from the general incense stick, and the Artisan use frankincense, myrrh, copal, palo santo resin and white sage to mash in small pieces by hand, and if you look closely, you can see that there are various balsam and incense leaves retained in the incense.

Benefits :
Promote blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving
Strong immune system, respiratory system
Clean air/objects
Boosts energy and helps with spiritual practice 
Relieve stress and relax