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Frankincense -乳香

Frankincense -乳香

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Frankincense is an ancient legendary aromatic tree resin that was used as an aromatic perfume at least as early as 1500 BC. The frankincense is made up of dry resins of the frankincense tree, which is one of the most common and popular aromatic tree resins in the world today.
also the most familiar, its a resin for the young and old.
Stimulates the immune system and protects the liver.
Helps promote wound healing, improve your QI and blood circulation, pain relief, and bruising.
Beneficial trachea, fighting depression, depression.
Corresponding parts:
Crown chakra , liver meridian

乳香是古老傳說中的芳香樹樹脂,至少早在公元前 1500 年,就作為芳香香水的用途。乳香由乳香樹的干燥樹脂組成,即使在今天,它也是世界上最常見和最受歡迎的芳香樹樹脂之一。
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