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White Birdy pepper "Bird pepper"
Piper Nigrum L.

The rarest pepper in the world, a natural wonder.

The birds pick the ripest fruits on the vines, and post harvest ingest the skin and reject the kernel, naturally transformed into white pepper. The most difficult thing is then to find these peppercorns, scattered around the plantation, then to wash and dry them.
We took and succeeded in the challenge of collecting them. Our farmers have spent long hours so that we can finally offer you these few sublime peppercorns, but only a few kilos will be available each year from our farm.

Look closely at the photo of the peppercorns: the birds have done their job well in making us beautiful white peppercorns. The Bird Pepper is in fact the exclusive work of a fruit-eating bird, the goiavier bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier). During the late harvest period, when the peppercorns are ripening and turning from green to red, the birds approach the pepper plantations. Birds, like us, particularly appreciate the sweetness and fragrant flavor of the fresh, ripe, juicy red peppercorns. They peck at the larger berries on the cluster, digest them and discard the kernel in their droppings. The gastric juices of their digestive system destroy the pericarp of the pepper and cause a beneficial transformation to the flavors of the white peppercorns.

It remains to recover these rare peppercorns all around the plantation. This meticulous work is carried out by the women when they weed by hand, allowing them to harvest a few dozen peppercorns per day. The seeds are then washed and dried in the sun.

La Plantation collects a few kilos of Birds Pepper each year. The authenticity of La Plantation's Bird Pepper is certified by the KPPA (Kampot Pepper Promotion Association).

At the end of the 19th century, Auguste Pavie, who stayed in Kampot from 1876 to 1879 as a telegraph agent, testifies to the madness of pepper growers to collect the Bird Pepper seeds, reputed for its aphrodisiac virtues, and sell them in the Chinese pharmacies of Kampot.

The Bird Pepper is an exceptional and very aromatic pepper that goes well with white meats, fish, eggs in all forms (hard-boiled, casserole, fried, scrambled). More powerful in aroma than the White Pepper of Kampot, the Birds Pepper develops floral and lemony notes.

Once the package is opened, we recommend that you store the Birds Pepper in a cool, dry place, away from light and moisture, so that it retains its full flavor and aroma.

You have understood that it is an exceptional pepper. The first olfactory notes are wild, then subtle floral notes loom with citrus peel fragrances.

Despite its power, this aromatic pepper has great finesse. We hope that you will be part of the privileged few who will have the joy to consume it.