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Myrrh Resin Stick

Myrrh Resin Stick

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每枝線香於室內大約可燃燒 90分鐘以上 ,120分鐘以內,室外約60分鐘。價格為 18元/ 枝,純手工製作。

對應脈輪 / 經絡:喉輪,膽經

The hand rolled incense made of myrrh is different in appearance from ordinary incense sticks.
The Artisan use pieces of myrrh to smash the resin with their hands.
If you look closely, you can see that the incense sticks retain the shape of the myrrh.

Uses of Resin:
Strengthens respiratory system health, anti-influenza, anti-infection
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant 

Each incense stick can burn for more than 90 minutes indoors, within 120 minutes, and 60 minutes outdoors. The price is $ 18 / per stick , purely handmade.