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OUD 東方烏木

OUD 東方烏木

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Each incense stick can burn for more than 60 minutes indoors, within 90 minutes, and 45 minutes outdoors. The price is $ 8 / per stick , purely handmade.
Hand-rolled incense is 100% natural, can purify the air, emit a light fragrance, and create a peaceful environment.
The hand-rolled incense does not contain charcoal, synthetic fragrances or chemicals.
We use Organic cow dung for the incense bases instead of the chemical synthetic powder.  There is less smoke and effectively repel mosquitoes.

 ▲ OUD

- Improves sexual energy
-Soothes gastrointestinal discomfort
-Pain relief

Corresponding: Root Chakra

每枝線香於室內大約可燃燒 60 分鐘以上 ,90分鐘以內,室外約45分鐘。價格為 8元/ 枝,純手工製作。
手搓香100% 天然,能空氣淨化,散發出淡淡的香味,營造出寧靜的環境。

▲ 沉香

對應脈輪 / 經絡:基底輪 ,腎經